Spread the word about soil

Last week was soil week on the blog, and a few of you mentioned by email or on posts that more people ought to know about soil and the crisis of global soil loss. I agree, so I’ve pulled all the content from the last few days together. I had a lot more than I could post last week, so I’ve added some extra material, and some relevant previous posts.

I’ve put this into a 24 page magazine. You can read it below, online, or download it here. Please feel free to email it round, pass it on, and put it to whatever use you like. If you want a print quality file, let me know.

You’ll notice that I haven’t used the Make Wealth History name on this. I’ve published it through Earthbound Ventures, which is the new not-for-profit agency I’ve set up with my brother Paul. There are a couple of reasons for that. One is that it’s a better fit with Earthbound, which is all about nature connection and wonder as a route into environmental issues. The second is that if you’re sending this to your MP, or someone less convinced about environmental causes, the ‘make wealth history’ name is pretty confrontational. It’s more likely to get read with something more neutral. It’s still me, and I look forward to telling you more about what I’m up to with Earthbound as our projects get underway.


I’m also going to put out some social media updates linking to this content, so look out for those on the Facebook page and Twitter if you want to share that way. If you think of anything else that would be helpful, let me know.

Now, that’s enough about soil for now. I promise to write about something else tomorrow.


  1. Excellent publication, thanks. I note you recommend eating seaweed. Good idea if you can get it. Do you know where in Luton (preferably Stopsley area) I can find edible seaweed, please?

    1. I haven’t found anywhere yet, it still appears to be a specialty food and even the larger supermarkets don’t stock it. It can be bought online. I pop into the co-op in Stopsley myself sometimes though. Perhaps we should ask if they’ll start stocking it.

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