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An update on the Great Green Wall

One of the world’s more ambitious climate change projects is the Great Green Wall, an 8,000km band of trees and plants that crosses the whole of the African continent. It’s central aim is to halt the advance of the desert, but in the process it will create green jobs, protect the soil, and keep people on their land.

If it ever happens, that is. News updates are infrequent, and there are multiple projects rather than one coordinated central hub. There is a brand, and quite smart it is too, but it doesn’t look like any of the relevant organisations are actually using it.


Apparently around 15% of the planned trees have been planted, but the science suggests that tree planting might not be the best approach in every area. In some cases, the new trees have just died. There’s a growing recognition among planners and funders that sustainable land management, water conservation and land restoration are what’s needed. That may involve trees, it may not. But it will nonetheless be a green wall of one sort or another.

Here’s a video that was produced last year. If you’ve got the app, you can also stick your phone in a cardboard viewer and take in this virtual reality film.



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