What we learned this week

Greetings all, I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season, whatever it may entail for you and yours. I’m writing from the in-laws, surrounded by scattered pieces from the new Playmobil sets that the kids opened yesterday. I’m fine with this, as I liked Playmobil as a child and I still do.

playmobilDid you know that Playmobil was developed as a response to the 1970s oil crisis? Toy makers faced crippling prices for plastic, and the lead designer at Germany’s Geobra Brandstatter knew he had to come up with something new or face up to bankruptcy. The new toy would have to use much less plastic than the ride-on toys they had been manufacturing. The solution to maximum play value for minimum materials came in the form of a little person, sized to fit in a child’s hand.

That is not of interest to our two today, but it is to me. A toy designed for durability, resource stewardship and imaginative play is one I will not resent picking out of the sofa cushions.

Anyway, some other things happening around the world… Thanks for reading this past year, and I’ll be back to writing more regularly in a few days time.

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