We have a birthday coming up

Did you know that this blog will be ten years old this year? I started writing Make Wealth History in 2007 with my brother Paul. “We don’t have any answers,” we wrote at the time, “but as we look for them, we’ll be sharing what we find here.”

That was our ambition, to try and understand more about the world’s biggest problems, how they related to each other and what the solutions may be. The blog was a way of documenting what we were learning as much as anything. Paul got a job in conservation shortly afterwards and was too busy to write, and it became a personal project for me. It grew in readership and influence, and I began to take it more seriously. It developed a tone of voice and a clearer mission.

And here we are. It seems like a good point to take stock, to celebrate it and think about what comes next. I have no great plans, but I might try a few new things in 2017. I might compile an ebook. My wife is a radio journalist, and we’ve talked about recording a podcast from time to time. Perhaps it’s time to revisit the title. Make Wealth History was a better name in 2007 than it is now.

I’d welcome your ideas on that. What do you think we should do for a tenth birthday?


  1. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    I like your ‘tone of voice’. I like the wide range of topics you explore and the non-judgemental and somewhat optimistic but balanced review you provide. The length is about right; if you swop to writing an e-book I for one may not ever get round to reading it. The name of your blog might no longer be ideal but it is your brand and you mess with it at your peril. Please don’t try to become a campaigning or petitions site (too many of those already), or an opinionated journalist or a politician. You have a unique niche; stick to it.

  2. Happy Birthday! 10 Years is an impressive feat, Looks like MWH has well and truly outlasted The Breathe Network!

    I agree with the comments above that whilst the name may be ripe for a change, is there a risk that what you have built up may be lost? Hard to say in all honesty.

    I have really appreciated your style, approach, range and focus and the quality and depth of the writing and the sheer range of things and resources is most impressive.

    I like the idea of the Podcast. I wonder if that will give you scope to be more honest and offer a fresh dimension to things…. Well worth an experiment.

  3. I like the blog name and I think it is still relevant – even if it has deviated from the original links to make poverty history.

  4. Congratulations on your 10 years. I can’t quite remember when I started following your blog but I would guess its been at least three quarters of the time you, and originally Paul, have been around. I think Penninerover has said everything I believe about your blog so I won’t repeat it, although I wouldn’t mind if you changed the name, probably to something abstract, as the current very worthy name doesn’t encapsulate the breadth of your interests. Good luck for the next 10 years.

  5. I too am much in agreement with Penninerover. I disagree, however, that the blog title is out of date. Sure, I know it was probably originally coined as a balance to the Make Poverty History slogan, but the issue of absurd levels of wealth – as drawn to our attention by Oxfam recently – continues to be such a big deal in our world. It’s worth drawing attention to it. So, do please, stick with the title and not just for branding relevance, it’s a great title in its own right, as is the blog, Jeremy. I hope you’ll be able to continue to sustain it for a long time to come, as it’s informative, measured and inspirational. Well done. And thanks for the past ten years.

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