What we learned this week

  • Thanks for your votes in the UK Blog Awards – I’m through to the next round. You can see the other finalists here, and I’d particularly recommend Ben Eagle’s Thinking Country. It covers farming, conservation and soil, and it’s well worth a read.
  • “The word ‘prosper’ literally means ‘according to our hopes’. We therefore must describe what we are hoping for and what a prosperous future looks like.” This week I’ve been reading Steven Liaros’ paper arguing for a wider definition of the circular economy, combining a variety of economic philosophies and exploring a holistic understanding of the city.


  1. As you might guessed I don’t think much of Steven Liaros’ vision. Lots of buzzwords. He makes much that narrative is important, I guess because history and experience suggests the actual facts are against him. The freedom seems limited since given that each village will have a maximum number of residents you can’t move around.

    Ricardo doesn’t seem to have filtered into his economics either.

    1. Hmm, I think you might be taking an overly literal view of what is ultimately a thought experiment, but each to their own. I don’t agree with all of it myself, but I appreciated the effort to tie up a range of ideas into a single narrative, even if it doesn’t quite satisfy.

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