What we learned this week

  • The New Weather Institute has been doing the kind of listening exercise the government has failed to do since Brexit, and written it up in a new report. Well worth a read.
  • As Britain continues to push for fracking, what can we learn from the campaign to stop coal seam gas in Australia? Can you help to fund a documentary and tour on that question? A reader got in touch this week to point me to this crowdfunder for The Bentley Effect.
  • New Nature magazine is a monthly online magazine written and edited entirely by young people.
  • A strangely specific denial of science, or an administrative blunder? The rusty patched bumblebee was due to be officially listed as endangered last week, until the new Republican administration delayed the listing.

1 comment

  1. Coal seam gas-that’s the stuff that blows up and kills miners. If it is removed from underground than one can mine coal without fear of explosions.
    Are there any Devonian Shales in England?

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