circular economy

Let’s keep talking about the Circular Economy

I’ve written a lot about the Circular Economy over the last few years, so regular readers will most likely have a pretty good grasp of what it is. But for most people it’s an unfamiliar term and I often find myself explaining it. I was doing it again this weekend. We had a house full of people over for lunch at our house on Sunday, and I was enthusing about it to a friend while I stirred the soup.

The Circular Economy is one of the most promising movements for re-imagining our industrial systems, re-thinking the way we use materials and energy. It’s also the most obvious way to bring industry to developing countries without destroying the environment in the process. More people ought to know about it, especially those in politics and business.

So let’s keep talking about it, and advocating for it. Read up on it. Look out for opportunities to support businesses that are pioneering new approaches. Post about it on Facebook. Get your kids talking about biological and technical materials and how to close the loop, because our future prosperity depends on us making industry more like nature.

If you’re still not sure what I’m talking about, Shareable posted a great introduction this week, and here’s a video from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to pass around.



  1. Thank you. It’s an old way of thinking. My mom who was born in the forties talks about reusing everything because she came from a generation that resources, technology, food, were not available to the average person. Instead people became resourceful, innovative, and recycled everything. The Circurlar Economy seems to brought those ideas even further. It’s pretty exciting. I will share info with my family.

    1. That’s right, we used to do things more this way. In many parts of the world they still do. So it’s all building on ancient ways of doing things that were closer to nature, and applying new technology in the process.

  2. I like the circular imagery:
    “Let’s keep talking about”
    “I was doing it again this weekend”
    “while I stirred the soup”
    Keep it up! 😉

    My feeling these days is that something has to be stuck to and practiced and shared with others for quite a long time before it catches on (like Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours rule and Tipping Point combined). I also think / hope that humanity is reaching it’s “rock bottom” about now and that it’s more important than ever to stick to our beliefs and stay strong.

    1. Well spotted! Yes, it takes a while for the message to get through. In marketing they talk about the ‘rule of seven’, that it takes seven mentions of a product or brand before someone has enough awareness and trust to give it a try.

      I think we’d probably lose a few friends if we tried to provide them with all seven mentions! But if they get one from our facebook page, one in a conversation, one from an item on the news, etc, then it all builds up.

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