What we learned this week

  • There’s a real appetite for repair out there. My recent post on the Edinburgh Remakery has been shared over ten thousand times on Facebook. I think it’s the name: ‘Remakery’ is evocative and immediate. I might have to write more about how we promote a culture of repair.



  1. Yes please Jeremy, more about repair/remaking cafes. Trying to start one in Horsham in West Sussex. Also a lending library of tools/ladders/furniture could be involved, as well as a remaking and swishing room for exchanging and up-cycling clothes/ties. As well as a proper cafe for community exchanges and meetings. Property is really expensive to rent or buy here, so looking for a very kind and wealthy benefactor to invest! I did ask the Edinburgh group how they got their premises but did not get a reply.

  2. Yes, much more on reuse and repair please. Loved your articles on The Remakery and Tuna Mall. And reblogged them both at https://ruderecord.wordpress.com

    Us RUDE [reusers [repairers] of unloved discarded excess] Guys promote daily from Australia on Facebook @ruderepair. We have been engaged in these activities all our lives. We have not bought new stuff for over a decade. We live creatively off the discards of others. The financial benefits to us have been significant. And we feel we do our little bit for our Earth.

    Following a launch in 2016, we are about to get mending in our community with Mend It, Melton [Facebook @menditmelton], where we will be sharing our mending, fixing and repairing skills.

    RUDE Girl [Karen Ellis]

  3. It is the most amazing feeling to repair-recycle-remake – more people need to experience this culture and believe in it..

  4. Great article 😉 Shared on the Ethos Deal. Ya know….its too bad companies like J.C.Pennys, Macy’s, and Sears could not grasp this concept. Perhaps they could have saved themselves. Sarah

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