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Make a difference this week with a green microloan

Climate change affects the poor most of all, even though they are least responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. So when the opportunity arises to do something that benefits the climate and the poorest, those are opportunities we should take.

In the run-up to Earth Day this weekend, are encouraging people to make a climate related loan. By contributing $25 to a crowdfunded microloan, you can help to provide clean cookstoves, solar power, or other energy saving and resilience building measures. As always with the Kiva funding platform, any funds you lend can be withdrawn when you are paid back (97% of loans are repaid) or can be re-circulated to someone else. It’s an easy way to put a little of our surplus cash to use among those who need it more than we do.

For example, one of the projects on the site at the moment is an initiative to provide affordable solar power to 100 households in Tanzania. Only a quarter of Tanzanians have have access to electricity, and small scale solar is the fastest and lowest impact way of delivering universal energy access. Your loan to Sikubora Limited would help to support the local solar industry, and bring clean power to those without it.

I was pleased to see Kiva putting green loans front and centre this week, because some of us have been doing this for years. I’m part of a user network on Kiva that looks for loans with an environmental edge, so that we get multiple benefits from our contribution. I’ve supported dozens of loans this way, including beekeeping, bike couriers, repair businesses and renewable energy.

If you’d like to take part, come and join in.


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