What we learned this week

  • I have made a lot of work for a mall manager in Sweden. That post from a couple of weeks ago on the ReTuna mall, where everything is recycled and refurbished, went viral rather spectacularly. When Lars Wiklund told me about it, I Googled it and there were no results in English. Now there are dozens, including Inhabitat, Treehugger and Triple Pundit, and my own post was shared over ten thousand times on Facebook. The level of attention has been such that the story has come full circle, and is being reported in local news outlets in Sweden. The mall’s manager, Anna Bergstrom, has been getting five to ten enquiries a day from all over the world. Sorry Anna.
  • Following my post about plastic bottles earlier this week, here’s a Greenpeace petition to Coca Cola on the subject. If Coke can get serious about re-usable packaging, it would be a real breakthrough.
  • Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been adding relevant videos to a Youtube channel when I write a new post. I’ve been waiting until there was a decent collection there before telling you all, but it should now serve as a way of finding out a bit more about some of the things I write about. It’s here if you’re interested, with playlists on sustainable buildings, transport, and a few other categories.
  • Friday night was the 2017 UK Blog Awards. No prizes for me this year, but thank you for all your votes that got me through the first round. Eco Fluffy Mama and the WWF UK blog won the individual and company awards in the Green and Eco category.


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