Transport innovation of the week: Emmy Scooters

A growing number of cities have bike schemes these days – bikes readily available for short term lease, so that citizens and tourists alike can get around with ease and convenience. Lots have car sharing schemes too, so you can have all the benefits of a car without the hassle of owning and parking one in the city. Emmy is a company that sits at the meeting point of those two ideas – they offer electric scooters.

Based in Berlin, Emmy’s scooters are entirely electric, so the network is zero carbon. Since nobody wants to have the battery die on them halfway through a journey, the company keeps tabs on their charge levels remotely. When they get low, their electric van swings by and they swap in a new battery. That way the scooters don’t spend any time parked up and charging.

Emmy Scooters are my transport innovation of the week, but it’s also an excuse to recommend the Fully Charged Show. It’s a viewer-supported Youtube show that covers electric vehicles, sustainable transport and renewable energy, hosted by actor and TV presenter Robert Llewellyn. Here’s his recent video about Emmy:


  1. Technical point – although the scooters emit no carbon, they are not necessarily zero-carbon. This depends on whether the company uses renewable energy to recharge the batteries (or electricity generated from coal, biomass, nuclear, etc.). I don’t see anything on Emmy’s website to indicate whether or not they use renewable energy for recharges.

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