What we learned this week

  • The Citizen’s Assembly on Brexit is exactly the kind of forum we need as a country right now.
  • Coca-Cola is responding to the growing calls for action on plastic bottles. Their plan includes trialing a reward scheme for recycling.
  • Keep an eye out for misinformation on electric cars. The Koch brothers and their ilk are funding anti-EV campaigns to protect fossil fuels.
  • The high court ruled this week in the Campaign Against the Arms Trade’s judicial review on British arms sales to Saudi Arabia. The conclusion seems to be that British weapons probably had been used against civilians, but since the government didn’t know that would happen at the time of the sales and it may or may not have been deliberate, the arms sales were lawful and can therefore continue. No surprises here given our history of turning a blind eye to our biggest and best arms customer. CAAT will appeal.


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