What we learned this week

  • It’s striking how quickly nature can take back the land when we humans abandon it, as this footage from Fukushima shows.
  • The ReTuna Återbruksgalleria, the world’s first mall for recycled goods, has finally added an about us page in English.
  • Did California’s Death Valley just record the hottest month ever measured on earth?
  • This was this morning at half past five, watching the sunrise with my daughter Eden after camping out at the RSPB headquarters at Sandy. The reason I post the picture is the wind turbine there – that’s the RSPB’s turbine, right next to one of their flagship reserves. “We know that with the right design and location wind turbines have little or no impact on wildlife” they say. “We hope that by siting a wind turbine at our UK headquarters, we will demonstrate to others that with a thorough environmental assessment and the right planning and design, renewable energy and a healthy, thriving environment can go hand in hand.” If you ever hear someone opposing wind power because of its effects on wildlife, tell them about this.


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