What we learned this week

  • Something of a landmark in renewable energy in Britain this week as a new solar farm opened not far from me in Bedfordshire. It’s the first in the country to be built without subsidies, and demonstrates the improving economics of solar power.
  • It follows news from last week that offshore wind is now cheaper than new gas, as revealed in a recent contracts for difference auction. If you still think we can’t afford renewable energy, you’re really not paying attention.
  • People and the Earth is a new book from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. It explains the Sustainable Development Goals in infographics and it’s the most accessible introduction to the SDGs I’ve come across. You can download it for free here.
  • I realised that there was one energy source  missing from Community Energy, a book I reviewed this week. It’s tidal power. There is one community tidal power installation in Scotland, probably the only one in the world.
  • And finally, a striking ad from Save the Children:


    1. The World Transformed is Momentum’s festival, isn’t it? No, can’t say I’m particularly excited about that. But that’s what I get for having a provocative and lefty sounding slogan for a blog title.

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