What we learned this week

A handful of links and stories from this week, including a extraordinary overlooked energy source, and a historic friendship.

Should we pay more attention to politicians friends? Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast tells an eye-opening story about Winston Churchill’s best friend and the effect he had on some very serious decisions.

Jeremy Leggett tracks the decline of fossil fuels in this encouraging presentation. Well worth flicking through these slides if you find yourself getting depressed about the state of climate change policy where you are.

Another one to add to the pile of extraordinary untapped energy sources – evaporation. Good use of Lego in the prototype model too.

How climate falsehoods travel the internet faster than climate truths. Good to see Buzzfeed engage critically with internet story sharing, since that is its business.

Finally, how’s the new design working out for you? I’m enjoying it, but it’s reader opinions that matter. Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve it, or if you’ve spotted any bugs. Thanks!

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