What we learned this week

Here’s a transport innovation that won’t get a post of its own, but deserves a mention: a vertical bike for cycling up buildings. Despite the images in the post, it is best imagined in a medium height residential block in Manila or Mumbai, not a trendy London office.

What does local money look like post-bitcoin? We may have an answer in HullCoin, the world’s first local government operated cryptocurrency.

The Atlantic has an extraordinary story showing how Wikileaks worked to support the Trump campaign. If you still harbour some admiration for Wikileaks and their stand against global power, you need to read it.

Since Syria belatedly joined the Paris Agreement, the United States are now on their own. So it was nice to see the protest at the US-hosted event at COP23 this week. A panel of Trump administration representatives sat twiddling their thumbs while their audience ignored them and sang to each other for several minutes. From 4.07.08 on the live video from the day.

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