What we learned this week

Here’s an imaginative and positive subversion of Christmas shopping: The charity Help Refugees are running a pop-up shop during London’s busiest shopping season. You can browse goods, buy items, and then leave them all at the till as Christmas presents for refugees.

“Saudi Arabia epitomizes the growth snare in which the entire world struggles: a few decades’ worth of cheap fossil fuels have driven population, consumption, and expectations far beyond what can be sustained or fulfilled for much longer” writes Richard Heinberg in his latest Museletter.

A bakery in Finland has started selling bread enriched with insect protein. For those following the conversation on insect eating, it’s worth noting that this follows a change in the law in Finland that allows the raising of insects for food.

If you enjoy a book recommendation or two, here’s George Monbiot with all sorts of interesting books on the Reading Lists website.

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