What we learned this week

Have smartphones destroyed a generation? is the most saved article on the Pocket app in 2017 (an app that I use to save articles for this weekly series).  It looks at the changing behaviour of teenagers, and it’s an extraordinary article.

HomeBiogas 2 was recently crowdfunded, and it’s the first time I’ve seen an off-the-shelf biogas system for domestic use. You can install it in your garden and generate gas from waste. Whether you want to look out your kitchen window at it is another question, as it looks like a dalek trapped inside a bouncy castle.

You’re welcome to eat at this restaurant in Tokyo even if you have no money – you can pay for your meal with 50 minutes of work instead.

That’s a story from the Jakarta Post, which I’ve been reading in my effort to try a different news source every week.  As that’s more niche than most, I’m going to compensate and go for global news giant Reuters from Monday.

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