What we learned this week

Here’s a technology we’ve been expecting for a while: Ovo have just released the first domestic bi-directional car charger. It means you can charge your electric car at night on cheap electricity, and sell energy from your EV battery back into the grid during peak demand. If the two balance out, you’ve got yourself free charging for your car. It’s going to trial with 2,000 Nissan Leaf owners over the next couple of years.

Duncan Green previews a World bank flagship report on the future of work, which unexpectedly  includes support for a basic income.

On a similar theme, I was in a bookshop this week and noticed the book Fair Shot, by Chris Hughes. It’s another call for a basic income, this time from one of the founders of Facebook.

Slo Active got in touch this week to tell me about their guide to ocean plastic, which is a nicely presented guide to the problem.

There was lots of celebrating in green circles this week as the EU banned neonicotinoids to protect bees. It’s good to see that under Michael Gove as environment secretary, Britain dropped its opposition to the ban.

This week I’ve been reading the Buenos Aires Times, which is very good on the news from Latin America – including riots in Nicaragua and the election in Paraguay. Next week I’ll be turning to Bangladesh and The Daily Star.

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