It will be green again

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Lemon Tree Trust and their work on urban gardening in refugee camps. Here’s a short documentary on a similar theme, looking at reforestation around a refugee camp in Cameroon. It highlights many of the issues that are common in refugee camps, such as the long walks to find firewood and the decimation of nearby forests.

The film has been made by the Land Life Company, specialists in land restoration, and it features their ‘cocoon‘ tree planting system. The cocoon is a biodegradeable doughnut that holds 25 litres of water. The new trees are planted in the centre of it, and it gives them a headstart in otherwise inhospitable environments.  Their video leaves it up to the refugees to tell the story however. I like the way the refugees are able to look forward to leaving behind trees in the landscape once they have returned home. And yes, someone’s got a new drone cam.

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