What we learned this week

I wrote about emissions from shipping earlier this week. Here’s how they’re going to track those emissions from space with the EU’s new satellite.

Church Action for Tax Justice is a new organisation mobilising the church to advocate for tax fairness and transparency.

Robert Llewellyn’s Youtube show about electric cars and renewable energy has evolved an ambitious new venture, Fully Charged Show Live. It’s the 9th and 10th of June at Silverstone and will feature every EV commercially available in Britain, along with solar, battery storage and much else.

Speaking of events, the first Flat Earth Convention was held in Birmingham this week. I won’t link to it, but Google it if you want to be depressed. Here’s a post out of the archives on why flat earth thinking, along with climate skepticism, is only possible in the age of the internet.

This week I’ve been reading the The Daily Star, from Dhaka, which has been pondering why 70 people have been killed by lightning strikes in Bangladesh in April and May. The Daily Star is a strong national newspaper, but I’m not sure it has quite enough in presentation and diversity of stories to keep me coming back as an international reader. Next week I’ll be reading Russia Today.

And finally, the PR agency Vuelio named Make Wealth History Britain’s number one green blog this week, which is nice.


  1. I learned that the new Avengers movie has an environmentalist as the evil bad guy, which is nice. Thanos is Paul Ehrlich in space.

      1. I have. For a superhero movie it is very good. A great movie to see with the kids if they are over 10 or 11.

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