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The Ecological Footprint Explorer

The Global Footprint Network compiles the ecological footprint of over 200 countries every year, and it’s just launched a new interactive data platform for exploring the data. It maps ecological debtor and creditor countries, and it’s easy to run comparisons.

To demonstrate, let’s have a look at the ecological footprints of Britain and Madagascar, the country I live in and the one where I grew up. (Also, I sponsored Madagascar in the network’s ‘Adopt a country’ project, so I’m keen to use those particular numbers.) Here’s a per-capita comparison:

There’s a striking difference in size. Out of the six categories in the footprint, Madagascar scores a little higher on grazing land. In every other category the average British person has a far larger impact. The inequality in carbon footprint is particularly significant: 3 global hectares per person in Britain, and just 0.08 per person in Madagascar.

What would a sustainable share be? If we divide the earth’s biocapacity fairly, a ‘one planet’ sustainable footprint is around 1.7 global hectares per person.

With that in mind, Madagascar has room to grow Рwhich is vital in a country where most people live on less than £1 a day. Britain, on the other hand, ought to be looking at reducing footprints to about a third of their current size.

Want to see how your own country comes in? Explore the data here.

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  1. Sweden is doing OK. I can’t imagine how, with all the driving and power boats and imported food and heating on for 8 months a year.

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