What we learned this week

Kenya launched its first locally made satellite this week. I heard about it from somebody grumbling about it, so I’ll link again to why it’s not a waste of money and Africa has every right to develop space programmes.

Cheap renewable energy is killing India’s coal-based power plants‘ is a headline worth sharing in itself, and it adds further evidence that past the point of grid parity, renewable energy outcompetes fossil fuels.

The EU is considering raising its climate change targets to net zero carbon by 2050. This is normally the kind of thing I’d expect Britain to try and squash, but apparently our government is doing some initial scoping on the same target.

The US beef industry is worried enough about cultured beef to have lodged a petition with the government to protect the word ‘meat’ for animal-based traditional beef.

This week I’ve been reading the South China Morning Post, which is an excellent place to keep an eye on what’s going on in China and East Asia. Next week I will be reading across the water with The Irish Times.

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