What we learned this week

Animals that have evolved to turn white in winter are now more vulnerable to predators, as climate change reduces the number of snow days.

Having scrapped the ten year zero carbon homes plan nine years in, it’s frustrating to hear Prime Minister May boast about the ambition and innovation of their new proposal: halving new building energy use by 2030. Still, I’ll take that over no plan.

Bitcoin is now using as much energy as Ireland, proving that just because something is virtual doesn’t mean it’s low carbon.

The Centre for Global Development launched their re-designed website this week, which makes it a good time to drop by and try and break it browse their always thoughtful development analysis.

This week I’ve been reading The Irish Times, which is a good paper, though as it’s been dominated by the referendum on abortion rights, it probably wasn’t the best week to read a paper from Ireland. Next week I’ve moving to South Africa to read the Mail & Guardian.

As you read this I am camping in a field in Bedfordshire. If I don’t reply to your comments this week, it’s because it’s half term and the next few posts are scheduled in advance.

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