What we learned this week

The carbon bubble (assets becoming worthless because of the transition to clean energy) isn’t just affecting coal and gas companies. Chris Goodall has spotted an early forerunner in the gas turbine market. From $50 billion a year supplying turbines for gas power stations, the industry is now seeing a complete collapse in its profits.

On a similar theme, RBS became the first major UK bank to stop financing coal, tar sands and Arctic oil this week. (Others never invested in the first place of course) Not so long ago it was one of the world’s biggest funders of new coal projects and a target for climate change campaigners, but it’s financing of coal has gone from £10 billion in 2011 to £0 in 2017. Good work RBS.

Strips of wildflowers planted through crops can usher in positive predator insects and reduce the need for pesticides, reports Positive News. It’s a neat natural solution, but what’s interesting about it is that relies on a high-tech solution to convince farmers to do it: GPS controlled combine harvesters won’t complicate harvesting.

The answer to Japanese Knotweed, one of Britain’s most aggressive invasive plants, is to “eat it into submission”, said Alys Fowler this week. The Guardian posted some recipe suggestions.

This week I noticed that WordPress has a wordcount feature that I didn’t know was there. From it I learn that I have written 1,226,084 words on the blog. The average book is 64,000 words, so I’ve written the equivalent of almost 20 books over the course of the blog. This may explain why it’s been hard to find time to write an actual book along the way.

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