What we learned this week

Tanzania has launched an offensive on the internet this week, with bloggers and we forum owners forced to pay $900 for a licence. That’s more than many Tanzanians earn in a year, and as well as crippling TZ’s blog community, it effectively kills off independent new reporting and forums where people report corruption.

British Columbia is holding a referendum on the Single Transferable Vote – another region trying to shuffle off the legacy of a Westminster-style first past the post voting system.

Participating in the international football tournaments has a noticeable effect in unity, peace, and nation-building in Africa, according to some new research. It also builds pan-African pride, but I already knew that – the distance between Madagascar and Cameroon is about the same as England to Kazakhstan, but I still got the cold shoulder at my Malagasy school the day after England knocked Cameroon out of the 1990 World Cup.

I’ve written before about 3-D printed buildings, which up to now have been something of a novelty. That’s beginning to change, and a development in Eindhoven will be the first to build and sell habitable printed homes.

Last week I read the news from Agence France Presse. It’s the world’s third largest press agency, and very good it is too. My tour hasn’t taken me to Australia yet, so this coming week I’ll be reading The Age, published out of my Grandma’s favourite city of Melbourne.

Among my favourite AFP articles this week was this photo essay of people who live in micro-houses in Vietnam.

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