What we learned this week

Jeremy Leggett has again summarised the last three months in the energy transition in a powerpoint slide. Always well worth clicking through.

Is instant coffee more environmentally friendly than, you know, actual coffee? Say it ain’t so.

What’s ‘vegan electricity’, launched by Ecotricity this week? Besides a marketing gimmick, obviously.

New resources up from one of my other projects this week. Set up with my brother and working with RSPB Scotland and others, Faith Action for Nature is a pilot project encouraging churches in Scotland to get involved in conservation. The summer resource pack is mainly for churches taking part in the pilot project, but you’re welcome to download them too should you be interested.

This week I’ve been reading the Scandinavian editions of The Local. A chatty enough website for local stories, but since it doesn’t cover international news it hasn’t given me the Northern perspective on global issues that I was after. Next week it’s back to India and the Hindustan Times.

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