What we learned this week

The US and the EU have agreed to “work towards” zero subsidies, between the two, but only on industrial goods. There is no talk of dismantling the agricultural subsidies that cripple farming and food security in poorer countries.

The Bechdel Test is a satirical set of criteria for whether or not a film takes women seriously. Solitaire Townsend wonders what a similar test would look like for the natural world.

Buymeonce.com have a petition running at the moment to add expected longevity labels to new appliances. If companies have to display energy ratings, why not lifespan as well?

Zero Footprints is a photographer’s collective exploring climate change. If you have a blank wall, get yourself one of their stunning prints, with all proceeds going to SolarAid. And if you’re a photographer yourself, check out their inaugural competition.

This week I have read the North Africa Post and Morrocco World News, where I learn that Morrocco has had good rains and expects a record harvest this year, which makes a change from everywhere else. Next week I’m off to Singapore and The Straits Times.

My back garden reflects the broader trend – here’s Britain from space in May and July:

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