What we learned this week

Lots of good climate change articles this week following the IPCC special report on 1.5 degrees.

In what would have been the top climate story on another week, a court in the Netherlands upheld the previous decision that the government hasn’t done enough to protect its citizens from climate change. Using the legal system against climate change is a story to keep an eye on.

It might not be fit for human habitation for another 24,000 years, but we can put solar panels there – Ukraine just built a large solar installation in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

I do enjoy a good booklist, and the crowdsourced list  of ‘books to change the world’ on Kate Raworth’s site has dozens of intriguing things I’d like to get round to. As if I have didn’t already have a to-read list as long as I am tall…

If you read anything particularly useful on the 1.5 report, drop us a link in the comments below.


  1. The most staggering thing to me is that the great majority of UK newspapers did not lead on this story – no doubt it is the same elsewhere – and that Trump has apparently not read it. God help us. If it was, instead, an imminent nuclear war, do you think it might knock drunken snogging off the front page? Maybe not….
    So what do we do?

    1. Yes, the absence of any sense of risk is bizarre with climate change. I thought at least a couple more papers might cover it properly, but our newspaper moguls are climate sceptics.

      What do we do? Carry on without the newspapers I guess, like we’ve been doing all along.

  2. Brexit could be a useful opportunity to stop the EU subsidisation of sub-marginal farmland, by taking the land out of agricultural use so that it can be abandoned for wilderness or managed for forestry or recreation. In this way, the UK could make its contribution of carbon sequestration, and put an end to the sort of thing that happened last week, caused by excessively rapid run-off due to the lack of storage capacity in the ground.

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