What we learned this week

A number of places have run pilot projects for solar roads recently. The results are in, Dylan Ryan has compiled them and it does not look good. Whether France still intends to build 1,000km of solar roads, I don’t know.

Drinking fountains are making their return to London, decades after they disappeared. The new ones look very different, and double up as refill points for drinking bottles.

Here’s a story for an age of nature deficit – Scotland has been experimenting with prescribing people nature instead of prescription drugs. I’ve been aware of the pilot projects on this through my work with RSPB, and it’s good to see it rolling out across Shetland. And maybe it will get as far south as Luton eventually.

The IPCC report on 1.5 degrees prompted my wife Louise to write a short story, which I’ve put online here. It’s an imagined conversation about climate change – the conversation none of us want to have with our grandchildren.

The three fracking activists given jail sentences recently have had their ‘manifestly excessive’ sentences quashed by an appeal court. This is good news for those still being arrested at Britain’s newly active fracking sites.

This week I’ve been reading Agencia EFE, which I was supposed to be reading last week but I forgot. It’s the fourth largest media agency after Reuters, AP and Agence France Presse, and it’s website is neat and concise. Next week I’m going to read the Wall Street Journal.

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