What we learned this week

The running joke about fusion energy it’s always fifty years away – but this BBC article says five. I’ve voiced my scepticism of fusion energy in the past and would very much like to be wrong.

Great news from Bristol as the city voted to bring forward it’s carbon neutral ambitions forward by 20 years and aim for 2030. In the same week Manchester took 12 years off their target and hope to be carbon neutral by 2038.

Irony in the Arctic as an oil company has to cancel drilling plans because it can’t find enough ice to set up its base on.

As we’ve been taking part in Extinction Rebellion this week as a family, I’ve obviously been watching to see how it’s being received. Stuart Capstick writes about why he supports it as a psychologist, while Chris Saltmarsh writes intelligently about why he won’t be taking part.

Last week I read The Canary, which is news commentary rather than a news source, but does cover some stories that others miss – such as the mis-use of the aid budget that emerged this week. Next week I’m going to read a paper that I read regularly as a teenager at my American high school, USA Today.

Here’s a view from Blackfriars Bridge, where I was with my children yesterday. We chalked on the pavement and did a pop-up badge-making workshop, and left before the police began to move in.


    1. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been reading a different news source every week all year. Among them are Russia Today, China Daily, and a variety of other actual government mouthpieces, not just ones in waiting. It’s November and I’m scraping the barrel to be honest, so sure, Breitbart might even get a look in before the end of the year. But I doubt it somehow.

      The Canary didn’t write about Nicaragua this week, so I wouldn’t know what all the fuss is about. I didn’t see anything to get upset about this week, but then I didn’t read anything vitally insightful either and it’s not a site I’ll be making a point of visiting again.

      The link you sent me to says that the Canary isn’t journalism, which I agree with and said in the post.

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