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A walk through Britain in 100 seconds

Yesterday in my co-working space we were discussing our reactions to people posting videos on the shared Whatsapp group. I’m probably not going to watch it, I said. Another person commented that if it’s more than three minutes, they won’t bother. So let me be straight with you as I send a video your way – it’s under two minutes. It contains no funny animals or comedy songs. Nobody falls over.

This is an intriguing idea from National Geographic explorer and photographer Dan Raven-Ellison. The film is a walk through Britain, where every second represents 1% of Britain’s land use.

There’s more information from Friends of the Earth and their Space for Nature campaign.



  1. Interesting but does confuse ‘nation’ with ‘country’ with ‘Britain’ none of which are the same. The experience of the nations and countries of the islands are quite distinct with different characteristics and challenges.

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