What we learned this week

The Walkers crisp packet recycling scheme launched this week. Check the website to find your nearest drop-off spot.

“Liberating ourselves from the growth imperative may be our best shot at flourishing through the 21st century” writes Jason Hickel in this Foreign Policy article on this year’s Nobel prize for economics.

“I am not in favor of signing broad trade agreements with powers that do not respect the Paris Agreement” said France’s president Macron in response to claims that Brazil would back out of the Paris Agreement. Since the agreement isn’t legally binding, it relies entirely on mutual accountability and this should be a standard government and business response to any world leader that decides it can opt out.

Forbes confirm what many of us have been expecting – Trump’s championing of coal is pointless when the economics are firmly in favour of renewable energy, even in his key states.

A friend of mine in Luton recently took a driver assessment and coaching session with local company PJC Driver Training and improved her miles per gallon dramatically. I’ve written before about the difference eco-driving techniques could make to carbon emissions today if people used them.

This week I read the Rio Times until I hit my article limit, and then switched to Folha de San Paulo, which is better anyway. Two more weeks and I’m done with the challenge of reading a different news source every week… next up, the Chosun Ilbo from South Korea.

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