What we learned this week

10:10’s plan to use heat pumps around London is progressing nicely. They’re working with Hackney to mine the heat from public parks.

Christian Aid have commissioned a striking mural in central London to highlight Britain’s ongoing business interests in the Yemen conflict.

Scientists in Finland have developed a new fabric made from scrap wood, and it’s good enough for the country’s first lady to wear.

The Praxis Centre for Hope and Activism is a new agency set up to encourage and support Christian activists. They’re offering 12 people the chance to go on a 12 week online learning journey starting in the new year. The new course Praxis One is for people drawn to live for justice and restoration who want to take the next step into action and activism.

Great to see the EU take steps to regulate single-use plastics this week. FOE Europe have a useful run-down of what’s good about the new targets, and where plastic industry lobbying has weakened them.

This week I read the Chosun Ilbo, which is a great name for a paper. It’s from South Korea, is a great place to follow news on North Korea, and is the last of the 50 news sources I’ve read this year. I’ll have to post a full list at some point.

I’m taking a few days off now, so let me wish you all the best for Christmas, however you choose to celebrate it.

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