Wrapping up 2018

With the turn of the year, I wanted to pause for one post to review the last year and think about the next. In particular, I want to thank those who support the blog financially. You know who you are, and your contributions are much appreciated!

At the beginning of the year I set out to read a different news source for each week, which I found a useful exercise in understanding our globalised world. I’ve continued to write about transport, a topic which I feel I neglected for a while. I also spent a week looking at refrigeration, to make up for never writing about it at all despite it being the number one climate solution in Drawdown‘s top 50. I’ve enjoyed covering a few topics that haven’t come up before, such as space travel, antibiotic resistance or tobacco.

Looking ahead, one of my challenges for this coming year is to write more about myself. This isn’t something that comes naturally, but I often find that the posts that get the best response are the ones that talk about our personal experience as a family. I’ve got a particular project I’m going to share over the next few months, if all goes to plan. I’m also hoping to get my wife involved a bit more, and use her radio journalism skills more on the podcast side of things.

I think 2019 might as well be the year I bite the bullet and rebrand the blog too. Make Poverty History was all the way back in 2005, and the name closes as many doors as it opens. I’ve got some homework to do before I attempt that, and I’ll let you know of any proposed changes.

Outside of the blog, one of my big projects in 2018 was a report on sustainability and inequality that will be published this month by the Green Economy Coalition. I look forward to telling you more about that in due course. I’ve been writing and strategising for Joy in Enough, and working with my brother on Faith Action for Nature, a pilot project connecting churches and RSPB reserves in Scotland. I’ve been helping to set up a couple of Community Interest Companies recently as well.

Then there’s the book. Policy Press took it on in the Spring, and getting it through to publication was a major learning curve. Hard copies of The Economics of Arrival landed just before Christmas. It’ll be out at the end of the month, and I suspect I will spend quite a lot of the coming months talking about it.

In the meantime, thank you for reading – and happy new year!


  1. You are an inspiration, Jeremy and I make many links to your blog on my own website efforts to focus attention on the ‘big picture’ – in my case, under the metaphorical umbrella of Spaceship Earth. http://www.case4all.org
    It makes sense to re-name your blog for those now unfamiliar with the MPH tag. Your offerings are vitally important for the younger folks. Please keep on keeping on!

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