What we learned this week

“Give me five minutes of your time, and I will convince you why lichens are – and have long been – vital to our understanding of the world around us.” An invitation you should not refuse from Ed Yong.

I rather liked the sound of these construction boards made out of potato peelings, especially since I’m in the market for something like this for a DIY project. As is often the case, it’s not actually on the market yet.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance offer ten predictions for energy and transport in 2019.

This week I heard from Emily Folks, a conservation and ecology writer with a rather good blog called Conservation Folks.

Brexit “simply could not survive contact with reality. It died the moment it became real. You cannot free yourself from imaginary oppression.” One of many quotable lines from Fintan O’Toole’s commentary in the Guardian this week, which is one of the best things I’ve read on the sorry subject in a while.

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