What we learned this week

Those with an interest in the Basic Income might want to check out the preliminary findings of the trial in Finland. Among the headlines were that there was no effect on employment, which is one of the main concerns.

If you enjoyed the Mothers of Invention podcast – as I and some 70,000 others did apparently – series 2 begins this week.

Interesting to see a trial of solar roads and pathways locally to me in Bedfordshire, though I note that “precise details of these innovation projects are scant”. Will be curious to see if they can improve on the very poor results of trials elsewhere.

And another trial, the third in this post – Ikea are experimenting with selling second-hand items in their Edinburgh and Glasgow stores, as part of a series of experiments in moving towards a circular economy business model.

Unlock Democracy are doing some good work on explaining and promoting the idea of citizen’s assemblies.

It’s half-term this coming week, so I’ll be on the Welsh coast and it’s nothing personal if I don’t get round to replying to your comments…


    1. Indeed, the solar revolution is not being delayed by a shortage of roofs. There are places where solar on the ground is useful, but under traffic isn’t one of them. Bike paths and footpaths, maybe.

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