What we learned this week

Quinoa, as well as being a hipster food choice, is a promising future food crop because it can be grown in salty soils. This is important as rising sea levels inundate cropland and make traditional agriculture difficult.

Our five biggest delusions about climate change, by David Wallace Wells. I’ll be reviewing his book on monday, but this is a good summary of his message.

Britain had temperatures over 20 degrees C this week, the first time that’s happened in February. The ice cream van came round, which my daughter was very excited about. This will cause havoc for wildlife.

Crowdfunder of the week goes to the London National Park City campaign, which is raising money to print and distribute a guide to the idea to ordinary Londoners.

“Architects will have to prioritise the retrofit and re-use agenda and oppose demolition”, is one of the messages in this Architects’ Journal article on how the profession needs to wake up to climate change.

As it happens, a group I’m working with hired an architect this week, as we redevelop a disused building in our local park. I’ll tell you more about that another time.

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