What we learned this week

Tonight is Earth Hour, in case you’re interested. 8:30-9:30pm wherever you are. My kids love it and have been looking forward to it for months, despite the fact that they’re welcome to turn the lights off and play in the dark whenever they like.

Can we change the world in 12 years? In this video for BBC ideas, Andrew Simms explores some historical examples of rapid transitions that suggest we can.

Are you in climate denial? David Wallace-Wells argues that most of us are “only moderately worried” and that’s what holds back the kind of large scale transition Simms describes.

Annie Quick explores the strengths and weaknesses of the wellbeing economy in this essay at the New Economics Foundation.

The green short story competition that I linked to last year has now published a collection. It’s called Resurrection Trust and I’m looking forward to reading it, even if my surreal little entry about Cornish chorizo smugglers in a post-meat world did not make the cut…

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