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Join the mass lobby of parliament on climate change

I’ve written before about how climate change could be a unifying issue in British society, and a new poll out this week shows that two thirds of us want to see more urgent action on the climate.

This doesn’t seem to have filtered through to our politicians yet. Until very recently and the 2050 net zero announcement, policymaking on the climate has been timid at best, and largely non-existent. It wasn’t exactly a packed house when Parliament discussed the issue recently, as social media was quick to highlight. And as things stand, there is no plan for meeting that 2050 target, and every chance that it is a hollow promise from the start, since aviation is excluded and expansion plans continue.

So we need to let politicians know that we expect more. With the COP potentially coming to Britain next year, there is a real opportunity to step up and put Britain back on track as a climate leader.

The Time Is Now is a mass lobby of parliament that is taking place next week in London. Thousands of people will be traveling to the capital to meet their MPs, and it’s the perfect time to tell them that this matters as an electoral issue. We can also begin that ratchet effect that I described in discussions about 2050 as a climate target. The Climate Coalition, who are organising the mass lobby, are calling for 2045.

All the details are on the website, including detailed lobby guides to make sure we ask good questions and ask for real commitments. I’m traveling from Luton with friends from our recently formed local Extinction Rebellion group. If you’d like to meet up with us, let me know.

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