What we learned this week

What if countries counted the number of girls riding bikes to school?” A comment from Katherine Trebeck prompts this blog post by Martin Oetting.

Speaking of which, “The Economics of Arrival is a truly remarkable book, describing both the frightening political and economic errors of the present and also the enormous range of projects through which human ingenuity is attempting to resolve them.” Why thank you Silver Donald Cameron, reviewing my book with Katherine Trebeck at OpenDemocracy.

As a committed wearer of secondhand clothes, I’ll be interested to see if Oxfam’s new larger format stores catch on.

Alex at the comparison site Kagoo emailed this week to tell me about their new Carbon Emissions Calculator. It uses the manufacturer’s information to outline the carbon emissions from new appliances, and provides a more useful breakdown than typical energy efficiency ratings.

My children have become slightly obsessed with water slides this summer and have been looking them up. It’s not quite worth a ‘building of the week’ entry, but Blue Lagoon in Wales is the most sustainable water park in Britain. It’s build in timber and heated with a biomass boiler, which is supplied by a local farmer’s group growing energy crops.

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