What we learned this week

Westminster underground station is the one that members of Parliament use, so it’s lobbyist central – I usually find it full of Heathrow or oil company adverts. Recently Norway’s Equinor took out ads championing gas as a low carbon fuel. Murray Worthy made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority, who banned Equinor from using the ads again. A good reminder to use the channels at our disposal to keep advertisers honest.

If you’ve been waiting around for Fairphone to release an updated version of their ethically sourced and made mobile handset, the Fairphone 3 has just come out.

Many companies are making big steps forwards in sustainability and then not telling anyone about it, as the Guardian reports. There are some interesting reasons why.

This week saw the launch of the British Conservation Alliance, which has been founded “by a non-partisan group of conservative and liberal-minded millennials who saw a glaring gap in the political market when it came to pro-market, sensible environmentalism.”


  1. Thanks for the link to the British Conservation Alliance. The key question is will other environmental groups work with them on where they agree or will they kept away because they are politically of the left.

    1. And vice versa, whether they will want to associate themselves with the broader movement. Either way, we now have a government in favour of radical free market thinking, so we’re going to need environmental voices that connect with them.

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