What we learned this week

British Airways have committed to net zero by 2050, the first major airline to do so. This will be primarily through offsets of course.

This is very much on trend, though a bit slow. Half of British businesses in a recent survey said they wanted to be carbon neutral by 2030.

And it does highlight the problem of ‘net’ zero targets. As Carbon Brief explain, any net zero target has two elements – reducing carbon, and drawing carbon out of the air to allow you to compensate for any remaining emissions. It might be better to have separate targets for each side of the equation, they argue, to ensure that they both get the attention they need.

400 temperature records in 29 countries were broken over the summer. July 2019 was the hottest month recorded so far, and the year as a whole is on track to be in the top three warmest.

I had someone round this week to quote us for a Sunamp heat battery for the house, a potentially revolutionary green technology that I might actually be able to afford. I’ll see it how it goes, but I look forward to telling you more about it if it all goes ahead.

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