What we learned this week

Supermarkets have had instore bakeries for a while now, but what about instore farms growing fresh produce on site? That’s what the company Infarm do. They have 500 farms already in a variety of countries, with the first arriving in Marks and Spencer in London next year.

Five ways to pay for a Green New Deal, from the New Economics Foundation. And it doesn’t even include a land value tax.

Those interested in citizens assemblies might like to have a look at this report from Oxford, which held one on the climate emergency and got Ipsos Mori to collate all the learning from it.

In case you missed it in a busy week, the EU Parliament declared a climate emergency.

And a picture for a change – this is how Dutch artist Karl Jilg represents the amount of public space given to cars in the urban environment:


    1. There was a plateau in emissions through 2015-2017, so there’s a good chance Pielke is right. Though obviously I hope it’s a decline rather than the plateau of emissions predicted here.

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