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Time to Act – a new book coming in 2020

In the last 18 months I’ve been more involved in direct action for the climate with Extinction Rebellion. I wrote about why I think that’s necessary here. I attended a handful of actions in London, and then helped to get XR Luton up and running locally.

Extinction Rebellion also has active faith groups, including Christian Climate Action (CCA). As a Christian who has spent years frustrated at the inaction of the church on social justice and the environment, it was inspiring to meet this small and courageous group of people. I volunteered to so some work on their website, and then over the summer I drew up a proposal for a book.

I thought it would be useful to have a book that explores the tradition of non-violent direct action in the church, and that answers some important questions about Extinction Rebellion. It would have stories and reflection on direct action to inform those who are considering it. And it would be full of the voices that I have found so inspiring this year – an edited collection, similar to XR’s book This is Not a Drill.

As it happens, the publisher SPCK were also wondering if there was a good book to be written about Christian Climate Action. I dropped by for a chat during the October Rebellion, and they gave the book their full support. They wanted to fast-track it, so having spent four years working on The Economics of Arrival, this one’s been done in four months. It’s off to the publisher this week, and it’s full of brilliant contributions from a wide range of activists and thinkers.

Time to Act: A resource book by the Christians in Extinction Rebellion will be out in February 2020, and you can pre-order a copy here.

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