What we learned this week

Britain’s Climate Assembly meets for the first time this weekend. It’s a House of Commons project, not a government one and it’ll be interesting to see what the results of it are. Lots of expert presentations, and you can watch proceedings live here if you are so inclined.

Food waste statistics aren’t compiled annually, so we get occasional updates on progress. WRAP released one this week, showing that there has been a 7% decline in food waste since 2015.

The Luanda Leaks are a striking bit of journalism from the Guardian this week, investigating the story of Africa’s richest woman, Isabel Dos Santos. In particular, it is worth noting how London based accountants and investors are complicit in and profit from corruption.

“The goal and objective of all economic policy should be collective wellbeing” said Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance conference. “It is why we are so committed to fair work and making sure that work is fulfilling and well paid and why we are acting to ensure a just transition to a carbon zero economy where no one is left behind.” This is decades ahead of Boris Johnson’s government priorities, and evidence of how an independent Scotland could be a much more progressive country.

The Church of England is considering a 2045 target for making all its churches zero carbon. Churches are difficult, as I’ve covered before, but that’s still woefully slow.

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  1. I finished Treasure Islands on tax havens not long ago and have now started the Shadow World on the arms industry by Feinstein. When you throw in the corruption in politics it is quite clear we are ruled by crooks that make the mafia look like 2-bit hoods.

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