What we learned this week

The Extinction Rebellion strategy for 2020 involves a pivot from protest to collaboration and building the alternative. This is the position we have naturally found ourselves in locally, and I’m not surprised that the democratic strategy exercise has come up with the focus that it has.

Pro-nuclear or anti-renewable lobbyists have made rolling predictions about how renewable energy could never meet all our needs: it will never provide more than 1%. 5%. 10%. Georg Nitsche writes in detail about how and why studies get this wrong.

Another thing that forecasters have had wrong is whether heavy goods vehicles could be efficiently electrified. So it’s interesting to see Williams Advanced Engineering putting the learning from Formula E into a 200 tonne capacity mining haul truck.

It’s the wrong week for Valentine’s day content, but OluTimehin Adegbeye’s feature on practicing love is too good to leave for another year. It’s all about how romantic ideas around love have shrunk its possibilities in our imagination, and how “when done properly, love can change the world.”

I liked this video from Practical Action, showing their work on climate adaptation in Darfur. It shows the power of simple solutions generated with and for local communities – the post being my favourite example here.

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