What we learned this week

After a four year ban on onshore wind power – recognised as the cheapest form of electricity in Britain, I remind you – the government has announced that it will be considered for contracts again. This is really good news, and a win for some dedicated campaigners who have been pressing for its reinstatement.

Great to see Greenpeace activists block an impressive 95 branches of Barclays this week in protest at the bank’s ongoing investments in fossil fuels. This didn’t get a huge amount of media attention that I spotted, but it will have got the bank’s attention.

Marks & Spencer are expanding their refillable container pilot after successful results. We don’t have one in Luton any more and it won’t do me any good, but it’s a hopeful sign that there is demand there for plastic free shopping.

This week I’ve been reading two books that argue opposite things – one that says nation states have failed on climate change and we need a global authority, and one saying nation states are the only game in town. Rian Patel discusses the role of nationalism and climate change on Medium here.

The community energy cooperative MaidEnergy, of which I’m a member, is reopening its share offer for three weeks in order to raise money for an expansion of its solar operations. And if you’re in the Maidenhead general area, you might want to get along to this event on March 10th.


  1. And which direction is your own current thinking leaning, Jeremy – nation state solutions or global (united nations) solutions?

    1. View the YouTube link Cop25 Critical juncture in efforts to limit global warming / Secretary general Antonio Guterres address UN climate change Viewed 7764 times. link attached

      Then compare it to Camper with Louis Fonsi – Despacito viewed 6,662,610,762 times again link below

      Now study office for national statistics “Overview of UK population :- March 2017
      Open the page and scroll down to Figure 2: Population pyramid for UK and then consider how we are to engage with that profile of the UK population?
      Link below for ease of use

      Donald Trump said it was great news that oil prices have recently dropped du to the Corona Virus “It will save American families lots of money” !!
      He also had the words “Climate Change” removed from about 25% of official documentation.

      Then to really prove my point see the next video below from NASA. Yes the USA has some great people and fantastic data if only they used it in anger in the battle against dare I Say “Climate Change”

      Cheers Alan

      1. I am all for the ratcheting up of public health measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. But why is it that the world can take immediate radical action to control coronavirus but not to prevent dangerous runaway climate change?
        The UN Secretary General, António Guterres says the fight against climate change is far more important than the pandemic and yet globally fossil fuel companies are still subsidised with £300bn each year. Guterres said,
        “I call on everyone ― from government, civil society and business leaders to individual citizens – to heed these facts and take urgent action to halt the worst effects of climate change.”
        I agree with Matt Mellen, we have to keep the pressure on world leaders. Not only should the virus not distract them from the bigger threat to humanity but they should also ensure that pandemic stimulus packages drive the green transition rather then yet again handing taxpayer’s money to the most polluting corporations.

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