What we learned this week

We need to ‘out-grow growth’ says Jason Hickel in The Correspondent, looking at how “public interest in post-growth economics has soared over the past year as the climate crisis worsens.”

New and streaming on Facebook at the moment is the film The Sequel – What will follow our troubled civilization?, drawing on the work of David Fleming, directed by Peter Armstrong, and featuring Caroline Lucas, Kate Raworth and Rob Hopkins, among others.

The Fully Charged Show looks at Gloucestershire Police Force, its use of electric vehicles and how it is reducing its carbon footprint across the force.

It didn’t get much coverage this week, but some good news on the democracy front: the government has dropped plans to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600. A smaller Parliament, done right, could be a positive thing. The proposal here would have increased the power of government and reduced backbench scrutiny at a time when we really need it.

Just the one Coronavirus related link then – Yuval Noah Harari is well worth reading on how the virus can and already has provoked totalitarian responses that may be hard to undo later. (The Financial Times has some of the best Coronavirus coverage by the way, and I’m grateful that they’ve made their summaries free to access.)



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