What we learned this week

Earth Challenge 2020 is a new citizen science app that hopes to use millions of people around the world to monitor environmental problems, including plastic and air pollution. It is launching on Earth Day, which is the 22nd of April.

Christian Aid have a petition calling on the government to cancel debts for poor and vulnerable countries as part of the coronavirus relief effort.

“Younger people are taking a huge economic hit in order to protect older people” writes Alex Evans at Global Dashboard. “It’s an extraordinary act of solidarity across generations.” Considering what a faultline it is through the British economy, we ought to talk a lot more about inter-generational inequality.

The investment platform Abundance have announced that they are going to offer Community Municipal Investments, allowing local authorities to raise money for zero carbon transitions – and the likes of you and I to invest in them.

My wife is a BBC journalist, and in the absence of camera operators due to the lockdown, I got to do some filming for them this week. Here’s a local BBC news story on air pollution in Luton, featuring my family on a walk through some unusually traffic-free streets.



  1. Hi Jeremy
    I’d Love to see your quiet street video but can’t activate it I’m afraid. It goes to black video screen with the normal start pause icons but no response. Is there anything I need to down load to see it? Thanks Sophie

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